The Breakfast Club - Zoom Play


Bianca had the great pleasure of participating in a creative virtual project as an actress in March.
Bianca took on the role of Andy in the zoom play "The Breakfast Club" at the Margie Haber Studio in Los Angeles.

                                                                                                                          March 31, 2021

ELEVATOR - short film release!


The Foscht sisters have released their second short film called ELEVATOR. The movie deals with the horrific topic of the "Elevator Games".  
The short film was inspired by Michael Goi's upcoming project "The Elevator Game".


The short film is available now at the following link:

                                                                                                            March 16, 2021


New scenes!


Bianca has shot some new scenes with her creative team in Vancouver. Thanks to the entire crew behind and in front of the camera!

The following scenes can be found on YouTube:




Butterflies Are Free


Fighting with My Family

                                                                                                                            March 5, 2021


Short film release


In June 2020 Bianca wrote, produced and directed the short film EVE with her twin sister Dilara. Made with zero budget, EVE tells the story of true sisterhood and what it means to be disabled in a ‘perfect’ world. A heart-rending story about searching for the world’s beauty with closed eyes, the movie takes you on a journey with Maerd (‘dream’ spelled backwards) who is searching for her blind sister Eve, who got hidden in the woods due to the government’s restrictions on disabled people. It has an open end and is based on several nature shots.


The film can now be found on YouTube:


 December 5, 2020

EVE cover



CONGRATULATIONS - Bianca Foscht is now represented by MoGood Talent Management, Vancouver.




October 30, 2020

MoGood Talent Management

The Foscht Twins are moving to Vancouver!


Just a few weeks left till Bianca and Dilara Foscht are heading of to sunny Vancouver. After writing and directing their own short movie EVE and enjoying the luxury of attending online acting classes, the twins are finally moving to Canada.

Prepared and full of anticipation they’re looking forward to exploring the amazing Canadian culture, nature and arts world!

September 2, 2020