No one is me, and that is my superpower!

Bianca Foscht is one of those girls you can’t forget after meeting her. She is a charming, blonde girl with a friendly smile and big, blue eyes. Very predictable, right? At first glance, she might look like a cliché, but she is a crafty one, you can bet on that.
With her `Sarah Connorish´ attitude, Foscht impresses with her incomparable stamina and love for detail.


Born and raised in Austria, Foscht started dancing as a child, studying ballet, jazz, lyrical, contemporary and acrobatic dance and competed at national and international dance championships. After studying drama at the Athanor Academy of Performing Arts, Foscht began performing on stage, as well as on set, in Austria and Germany, playing roles from strict leading ladies, high school divas and moody teenagers, to small-town country girls and fantasy creatures. Foscht’s credits include a starring role in the modern theatre production, Dorian Gray-Pictures of Beauty, at the TaO! Theatre in Graz, Austria. She also appeared in the 13th season of the well-known TV show Das Supertalent, as well as in several shorts. Currently, Foscht (along with her twin sister Dilara) is writing and directing her first short film called EVE.


In addition to acting and dancing, she loves trying new kinds of sports (martial arts is on her to-do list), learning new accents and basically doing anything which demands a high level of energy. In her free time, you can find her at the sports hall, performing acrobatic moves like a ninja, at the dance studio or on horseback, practicing her dressage and show jumping skills.
She is fluent in German and English, and speaks basic Italian.


And if you still can’t get enough of this girl you are very fortunate, because Bianca has an identical twin sister - so there is enough for all of you!

Bianca now studies drama at the Athanor Academy in
Passau, Bavaria together with her identical twin sister Dilara.




Her creative engagement

in every rehearsal and her courage to be vulnerable impressed me incredibly!

- Verena Kiegerl (theatre director from Graz, Austria)


is an incredibly ambitious actress/artist.

Her experience in dance allows her to use her body for a wide range of characters.
-Peter Papakostidis (theatre director working in Munich, Germany) 

Bianca and Dilara Foscht

have the magic ingredients for success; talent, determination, focused and hardworking.

I’m constantly blown away by their professionalism and enthusiasm.
– Mark Gantt (American director and producer)

Bianca has a captivating stage presence!

She skilfully transforms words into a story.

- Sebastian Goller (theatre director working in Bavaria, Germany)

The Twins

take stage directions quickly and implement them skilfully.

They transform spontaneous notes into captivating acting. Bianca and Dilara

show professionalism on set and portray every character with complexity, depth and variability.

They do not hesitate stepping out of their comfort zone

to truly understand the story and the human being behind the character.

- Mark Neumeister, director and producer at NEUMEISTER MEDIA

In an unobtrusive way, Bianca is able to put herself into the state of the character.

She is always striving for coherence and authenticity.
- Achim Bieler (theatre director from Aachen, Germany)


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